We currently have 6 cats, 2 dogs, 2 horses, 2 chooks (one of which is a rooster) and 10 sheep.  The Cats

All originally fostered animals  that for some reason found their way into our hearts more than the rest.  The cats have such a great life and lots of space to prowl and play.   When we go out into the paddocks to move sheep or see the horses, they often follow.  They hunt for mice amongst the hay.  They climb trees and bounce between the branches with a dexterity that only befits a cat.  They laze in the glorious New Zealand sunshine.  They sleep under bushes in the garden.  Then, god willing, they come home and snooze in the shelter of the house too.

The dogs

The dogs are kept outside during the day  – having a large run and shelter to spend their day in giving them plenty of fresh air and sunshine.  On the cold nights they spend their time inside the boot room.   Both dogs are SPCA rescue dogs and have a special story attached to them.

The horses

Two thoroughbred horses.  Buzz (Single Malt) had an early racing career until he was 8 years old, pretty good for a racehorse.  Retrained by Penny Brogden, Buzz came to us at age 11 in 2012.  Cher is a rescued brood mare, having had 12 foals and never been ridden she was destined for the dog food market.  A good paddock mate for Buzz.

Animals are a part of our life, everyday.  If you don’t like animals please don’t come here. 
Hewitts Homestead provides shelter for SPCA animals.





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