Wedding Planning Day

Wedding planning day

Meet up with like-minded people for a structured day of planning your wedding.  Work with people in the wedding business who are in the know, both for traditional and modern weddings.   Plan an amazing wedding day that you deserve, without the stress.  Bring your mum, maid of honour or your someone special* or simply come on your own and meet other brides to be.
Structure of the Wedding Day –

So what actually happens during a normal wedding day anyway?  What’s the best time to get married?  What happens after the ceremony?  What do my guests do?

Finding Vendors

What’s most important, People or the Place?  Where can I legally get married and who officiates? What do I look for in a good venue? How will I know who to choose to do my hair and make up?  What flowers were in your bouquet?  Were they real or fake?


Oh my word.  This is a whole issue on its own.  Shall we do cheap and cheerful and bring a plate?  Can I afford to pay for a full 3 course sit down meal?  What are the other options in between?  What about drinks?

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The Ceremony

The most important part of your day.  This is when it all becomes legal and you become Mrs ……..    Work out the flow, how long, what to say, who says what?  Write your vows.  Decide on rituals – for example a rose ceremony, or sand ceremony?   A special person is missing, how can I honour/remember them?

Find out the answer to other questions like;

Who can be my witness?

What is the significance of wearing a wedding ring?

When should I buy my dress?  New or second hand?

Do I need a videographer if I have a photographer?

Who should I invite?

How many people should I invite?

Do I need a wedding rehearsal?

The list goes on!  So many questions, what are the answers?

Find out by attending this wedding planning day. In a unique setting, with morning tea and lunch provided you will go home feeling you are on your way to the day that you deserve.

Sign up below to show your interest – This does not fully commit you to the event, it is only for interest at this stage.  $10 entry fee, bring a picnic for lunch

*Someone special could be your partner, (but they might not be interested during the dress, hair and make up talk).  However if there is enough interest in bringing partners we will run an extra session for this and accommodate them in some other way 😀