Hewitts Homestead is a little piece of New Zealand history.  Capt J.D.R. Hewitt was a very early settler to the Linton area, establishing himself in the district in the 1870’s. He settled in the Kahuterawa Valley and soon had extensive holdings of land in the area adjacent to the ranges, much of it being Educational lease land.  He took a prominent part in the development of the district and in particular St Columba’s Church.

Captain Hewitt had, with the typical efficiency of an ex naval man, served the church for many years in the early days conducting a Sunday School and also as a lay reader.  It was appropriate that the first couple to be married in St Columba’s  and receive a Bible should be Captain and Mrs Hewitt’s daughter Hallette and Mr Dan Willis in 1904.

(extracts from; Linton 1889 – 1989, A School and District Centennial History by W.J. Lauridsen)

The current owners, Vanessa and Phil are interested in hearing from previous owners (or their families) of Hewitts Homestead.

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JDR Hewitt front right (photo with permission from https://manawatuheritage.pncc.govt.nz/item/9ec47c40-d89e-44a6-a49b-ec5b6a2c67a3 18 Jun 2018)
Sunrise in Winter