Hewitts Homestead

At the foot of the Tararua Ranges in the Manawatu, nestled amongst a dairy farm is Hewitts Homestead.  Hewitts Homestead was built in 1888 and has undergone a number of changes with each owner.  See history.

Surrounded by trees, Hewitts Homestead is the ideal location to rest and relax away from the city.

Sit on the large deck or patio area and have a stroll around the garden whilst listening to native New Zealand birds.

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Hewitts Homestead is happy for you to hold your wedding or any event  here.   A fabulous filming location.

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Wanted Down Under (BBC TV)

The current owners of Hewitts Homestead Phil & Vanessa were once guests, of the BBC, to New Zealand. Experiencing what New Zealand has to offer before migrating here in 2011. Back then they never dreamed of owning such a beautiful place as Hewitts Homestead and consider themselves extremely fortuitous.

Watch what the Taylor’s thought back in 2008 – 2011