Come and spend an afternoon of creativity, relaxation and peace with Vanessa at Hewitts Homestead. A series of creative sessions ‘Just for Me’.

Offering: Colouring in (yes really), Candle Making, Soap making, preserving – Fruit & Veg, Nourishing healing cream, mini flower arrangement.

Holistic Wellbeing Sessions

As human beings we sometimes get lost in life.  For some it is early in life, as a teenager for example.   For others it could be after losing a loved one, having something significant happen in your life, or sometimes there appears to be no reason at all.  

As a Qualified teacher of Health & Wellbeing (Medical Anthropology, BSc) celebrant and nemophilist, I have turned to nature many times to bring my thoughts back on track.  If you are wondering, a nemophilist is a lover of trees and all things nature.  In nature we can return to our natural selves, live and behave as we are ‘programmed’ to, ‘ground’ ourselves and thus move forward.   I work one on one with clients  to help them move forward.   We will use whichever therapy your body needs to heal.  Whether that be crystal therapy, shinrin yoku (forest bathing), mindfulness, sound healing, or cleansing by smudging or a mix of these.   

In a relaxed and stress free environment, that is Hewitts Homestead, you will begin to feel free of the negative energy that surrounds you and take some skills with you into making small steps on your own and returning to your happier self.

We finish with my own version of a tea ceremony and give you blessings to return to your life.

All sessions are $90 for one hour, or $150 for two hours. Book In

Individual session

A whole hour dedicated to you, and just you.

Team Mindfulness

Share the experience of a mindfulness session with a small group. Followed by a shared Shinrin Yoku session.

Don’t be put off by the term Mindfulness or Shinrin Yoku. If you are on anti-depressants, have high blood pressure, suffer from anxiety or stress or just need time for you, then this is the answer. A non-invasive, holistic practice which benefits everyone. Vanessa x

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Mindfulness is a type of meditation in which you focus on being intensely aware of what you’re sensing and feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment. 


The aim of practicing Shinrin Yoku is to reduce stress by reconnecting to nature. It is so good for the soul and benefits everyone. Reward yourself, your body will thank you for it, it is my happy place.

Vanessa Taylor