New Zealand

Kia Ora! New Zealand is one amazing country. If you would like to visit New Zealand to get married you have made the right choice. We have some amazing places to get married, especially in the Manawatu.

A celebrant can perform a marriage anywhere in New Zealand, from the beach to your back yard. If you are from outside New Zealand and would like to get married you can organise your documents here;

Koru New Zealand Fern at KiwiWise
A symbol of New Zealand’s beauty, the New Zealand Fern
Sunset West coast March 2016
Sunset on the west coast of the North Island
Sunset over Foxton Beach
Sunset over Foxton Beach in Winter
Sunrise 27 Jul 2017
Sunrise over LINTON

The sunrise and sunsets are truly amazing in New Zealand, it doesn’t matter what part of the country you are in you are always guaranteed a fantastic sunset and a fabulous sunrise if you get up early enough!

There are some amazing locations in New Zealand, lots of stunning scenery and places to drive. You can get lost quite easily.

NZ Christmas Tree at KiwiWise

A lovely tree to see in full bloom. I have never seen trees that have such big blooms than I have in New Zealand!

Tui at Pohangina
A beautiful bird with a distinctive song. They have 2 voice boxes so produce stunning sounds. Tui’s are native to New Zealand and can often be seen hanging around the flax.

Take a look at this great page for more information on Tui’s.

Takahanga Marae at KiwiWise

A visit to New Zealand is not complete without a visit to a Marae. Please observe the cultural traditions with respect.




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